Lead Vocals

Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Back-up Vox


Eddie Gresely, Brandon Sullivan, Evan Kline 

Sam Strong

Sami hails from Florida but spent a great deal of time in New York where she crafted her 4 octave range from classical music to the rock n' roll scene. She is in production of her first album and spends her spare time writing, blogging and drawing. 

Sami has worked as a Transplant Social Worker for the Heart, Lung, and Ventricular Assist Device Program at Jackson Memorial Hospital under the division of the Miami Transplant Institute and also helped to develop the social worker role in JMH's Palliative program.  Sami also worked with dual-diagnosis patients (mental illness/drug addictions), pediatrics, geriatrics, and end-stage critically ill patients from every culture. Sami was the IOP Coordinator and Lead Social Worker for Plantation General Hospital's Inpatient Psychiatric Unit and Intensive Outpatient Program. She now serves as the Social Services Director at Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center. Sami is an LCSW and Certified Thanatologist by day, and a singer by night! She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Barry University, graduating at the top of her class with other esteemed colleagues, many with whom she now shares her very important work with. Sami has always been a dedicated community leader, lending her vocal talents to over 150 local theatrical productions, in addition to her dedication to music with her band The ShinDig. Sami brings her musical and theatrical passion into her social work as an emotionally recuperative measure for patients with end-stage conditions. Sami has studied thanatology and bereavement counseling and is working with her team to integrate more patient-centered palliative choices for her patients. Sami has recently become interested in the Compassion and Choices movement to bring more rights to critically-ill patients in the state of Florida. Sami has an interminable dedication to her patients and is an advocate for their rights while in-patient. She continues to empower patients once discharged back into the community to reduce recidivism. Sami’s role is to evaluate patients from a psychosocial perspective, to find gaps in social support, and to help patients to create bridges over social barriers to create a more stable tapestry for medical outcomes. Sami has served on multi-disciplinary boards of professionals and peers to make recommendations for patient candidates to assist with determining which patients would make good shepherds of valuable organs as means to saving the lives of terminally ill patients. While in-patient, Sami offers encouragement, humor, and a safe haven for ventilation while providing empathic and therapeutic counsel. Sami finds community resources for patients to safely return home and continues to be on call for all support, thereafter. Her empathic advocacy for patients and compassionate approach with families; from preparation, emotional care, to bereavement counseling has set her apart from other professionals and made her a leader and innovator in her field.

Sami is a member of the National Notary Association, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the NASW (National Association of Social Workers), a member of the (STS) Society for Transplant Social Workers, a Certified Thanatologist with ADEC (Association of Death and Counseling), the CSWA (Clinical Social Work Association), and the NEA (National Equity Association).  Sami has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is trained in Psychological First-Aid and trained by the CBT for TFT (Trauma-Focused Therapy) and is a recipient of the Netta Kolassa Scholarship.

Cliff Wallach Greenberg


Songwriter, Singer, Producer and Performer Cliff Wallach Greenberg has been involved in the south Florida music scene for 20 years. Cliff is proficient in every type of music from written notation to performance of bass, guitar, piano, and all technical-computery productiony button-knoby pushing kind of stuff. Most people know him around town as “teacher” as he has been raising youths knowledge of music from their first lesson to their first album. Formerly the Bassist for INHOUSE, a south Florida local band that opened for such acts as (caution, serious name dropping about to ensue): The Black Crows, Ani DiFranco, Lillith Fair, Sunfest, Edwin McCain, Hall and Oates and Ziggy Marley. Cliff has also been involved with many local original bands; gigging at every bar and concert club from the Keys to Orlando. In 2010, Cliff opened ROK ON, a music development studio and is producing many local musicians and songwriters. Currently, Cliff is sharing the lead vocals with Sami Rudnick and playing guitar in The ShinDig. Cliff has been working tirelessly to cultivate his raspy sound by playing Rod Stewart records backwards.


Cliff is now the CEO and lead producer at his newest production company: Studio 19.




Trenton Stone

Trenton is a rock god who lends his talents to the top 40 scene in between being the lead screamer for a thrash metal band. He wears many hats and has been a delightful addition to the ShinDig Family!