Got a song request?
Drop us a note! We are currently adding 5-10 new songs at our weekly rehearsals-
and we'd love to hear your suggestions! You may use the mail form below
and thank you for your interest!

Well, we'd be delighted to play for you!
You may use the form below or you may contact:
Cliff at 954-253-1896.

You may also contact our agents:

Judy Blem, Main Event Talent Agency: 954-429-0401

Jimi Robinette, Main Event Talent Agency: 561-294-3236

Mike Begleiter, Night Owl Entertainment: 914-552-7865

Mitch Lautman, Stellar Entertainment: 954-536-2401

Lori Meyers-Gagnon, Tuned in Marketing:  754-368-6118

We hope to see you on the dance floor at one of our shows very soon!  
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