7-6-2012 Cliff, what a surprise my wife and I had when we walked into The Duck Tavern in Boca Raton last night. We loved your music and energy, and look forward to hearing you again. Each one of you bring a unique talent, and I wish I had not drank so much that I had to leave before the end of the night. I saw on your website you play some Pink Floyd and I hope the next time we see you, it will be on the song list. Great work to all!

7-11-2012 Caught your act at Bayside tonight- fantastic! Love the sound and the whole look. We are from Colorado Springs and if you ever want to come play there, let us know. We have friends who own clubs and can make intros for you. All our best,
Kenton & Ricky

11-17-2012 were you the band at Backyard fri nite??? if so thought u were really great!!!!

12-28-2012 Saw you guys playing this past Thursday in Miami at Bayside and was really in an aww!!! with the talent.

01-24-2013 The performance in Bayside the January 23 was a really great! The shin dig band playing <is> so good, but you Samantha, are extraordinary. your friend and fan number one on the long list, Old Dragon. see you soon.

01-28-13 I would like to say im more then happy to have seen my first Shindig show. What you and Cliff do is quite unique. Not only are you both great talents but the way you guys come across is the while doing what you do is what really put you in your own class. Sort of like the old sonny and Cher show. Lol. Your voice is second to none! Cliff is so good at what he does. Im gonna try my best to make the Delray show. And thank you both for being such cool people. I had such a great time! Have a great week.

02/09/15 We are visiting from Chicago area and out for a drink and some fun. Fortunately we stopped in at Cheers and heard this fabulous band playing. The band was so great and full of fun and life.They were gracious enough to play our requests and to allow Kris to sing a song with the band. Their selection of music is awesome. As is their singing and playing ability. We totally recommend everyone to see them. I know on our next visit we will!!